Course Descriptions

WTA Chainsaw Safety

  • Level 1: Awareness -a 1 day course
  • Level 2: Basic - 2 day course
  • Level 3: Intermediate - 3 day course

Brush Saw - 1 Day course

Safety & Environmental considerations, Ergonomics, Maintenance, Getting Started, Felling, Work Planning, Servicing

Danger Tree Assessor - 1 Day course

OH&S. Responsibilities, Qualifications, Tree Species Characteristics & Identifications, Tree Evaluation & Action

Precision Tree Falling - 2 Day course

PPE, Hazard Assessment, Cutting Procedures, Knots, Maintenance.  Combination of lectures and demonstration with a considerable amount of time spent on practical, hands-on application.

ATV Rider Course

The ATV Rider’s course is 6-1/2 to 8 hour training program operated by a Canada Safety Council certified instructor. The curriculum, which is based on field-tested techniques, provides a fun and orderly way to learn proper ATV operation. The rider learns about controls, reading terrain, turning and climbing hills. 

UTV / Snowmobile / Argo Operator Course

Learn about safe operation, control, terrain-reading, turning and hill-climbing. Participants of these courses wil receive certification through the Canada Safety Council.